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Minus 417 Time Control - Recovery A Cream

  • Minus 417 Time Control - Recovery A Cream - Dead Sea Cosmetics Products
  • Minus 417 Time Control - Recovery A Cream - Dead Sea Cosmetics Products

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Product short description: Comprehensive Retinol night care cream.
Works against signs of aging skin.Supports the rejuvenation of your skin, provides firmness and a glowing complexion.
FEEL the added enriched complex
SEE clear results on your skin:
Skin is soft, supple and appears renewed.
Skin tone is balanced and lighter.

How to use: Wash skin beforehand. Once clean, apply a thin layer until the skin fully absorbs it.Recommended usage of 4 times per year for one month treatment cure. Apply directly to your skin at night just before going to bed (do not use serum)/
Avoid exposure to intense sunlight during duration of treatment.
Do not use on eye and neck areas.

Made up of essential Dead Sea minerals and a high concentration of natural active ingredients (Invigorating Vitamins & Unique Plant Extracts)
Supports normal skin hydration level
Helps the skin to naturally retain water
Provides and encourages natural moisture
Reinforces the protection of the skin
Gives optimum nourishment for all types of skin
Promotes skin regeneration by helping with the renewal of skin cells
Prevents signs of aging
Improves skin texture as well as hair & scalp conditions
Improves texture of the skin as well as the condition of the hair and scalp

Vitamin A: Improves fine line appearance
Vitamin B: Helps the skin’s natural ability to stay hydrated. Gives the skin a healthy glow.
Vitamin E: Robust Antioxidant which battles free radicals.
Vitamin F: AKA Omega Fatty Acids. Moisturizing agent which smoothens and softens your skin.

Participates to the skin tissue regeneration and slows down the ageing process.
Helps skin firming and skin hydration.
Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin in deep.
PLANTS EXTRACTS: Aloe Vera, Hamamelis, Chamomile
ESSENTIAL OILS: Borage, Horse chestnut

Capacity: 50ml

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