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Black Pearl Thermal Mask

$64.90 (was $119.90)

The main purpose of the Black Pearl thermal mask is to nourish your skin by cleaning it deeply to unclog the pores. When it comes in contact with your skin, it generates a warm effect which in turn allows the pores of your skin to expand. The skin is then cleansed as you take off the mask and wash your face, giving it a glow.

From the minerals of the Dead Sea to components like Sea Buckhorn Oil and Zeotile, the Black Pearl Thermal Mask includes all the vital ingredients that give your skin a smooth and vitalized look.

Black Pearl Thermal Mask Benefits:

The heating effect gently encourages the pores to open while the mask cleans thoroughly and enable the active substances in the mask to penetrate the skin more easily. From the first use, the mask will give the skin a smooth, refined, elastic look and a natural glow

Black Pearl Thermal Mask contains a unique complex integrating natural minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins, Dunaliella algae and additional active components such as Zeolite and Sea Buckthorn Oil

How to use the thermal mask:

Caution! This mask will have a heating effect as soon as you apply it on your skin. After applying, leave it on for about two minutes before rinsing off. It is recommended not to use it if you have sensitive skin. Finish the procedure with the Black Pearl serum and night or day moisturizer.


Capacity: 50ml

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