Bio Marine - 4 Facial Care Products Kit

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Bio Marine - Delicate Eye Cream
50 ml jar

eye cream is a gentle, quick-absorbing moisturizer made specifically for the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes. This organic, contemporary eye cream aids in the smoothening of the skin, masks wrinkles and lines under the eyes and delays the aging process, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated and pleasant to the touch. 

Bio Marine - Protective Day Cream For Oily And Combinational Skin
50 ml jar

The unique formula of Triple Effect Complex creates a wonderfully intensive moisturizing cream that fights the skin’s sagging and aging, restoring the skin’s optimal moisture level and giving it a fresh and soft feel that lasts for hours.

Bio Marine - Nourishing Night Cream
50 ml jar

The Triple Effect Complex creates a particularly rich nourishing night cream, with a creamy and velvety texture.

Bio Marine - Firming Face Serum
30 ml bottle

A concentrated serum with a delicate texture. Particularly suitable for the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes.


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