Bio Marine Delicate Peeling Mask

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The Bio Marine peeling mask is similar to a few of our other products which are packed with different minerals which are found in the Dead Sea. What this particular mask does differently is that it aids in rejuvenating your skin and removing all the dead cells from within. Bio Marine Delicate Peeling Mask supports your skin to become smoother which consequently makes you look fresher. The mask clears your skin and in addition aids in maintaining the optimal levels of moisture in your skin. Moreover, it re-enforces your skin and protects it against impurities.

Benefits of the Bio Marine Delicate Peeling Mask:

  • Restores the skin in the best possible way
  • Preserves the optimal balance of moisture in the skin
  • Strengthening the skin’s natural protection and protecting against free radicals
  • Gives the skin a soft, fresh, rejuvenated and glowing appearance


    The Triple Effect Complex in the Bio-Marine series is made up of the unique naturally occuring minerals of the Dead Sea, mixed with Dunaliella seaweed. The compound brings together 27 types of natural minerals from the Dead Sea, which has become known as the richest source in the world of materials combined with omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, which are also known for their exclusive properties and amazing benefits for facial skin care.

    How to use Bio Marine Peeling Mask:

    Wash your face prior to use, then apply mask directly to the skin. Ensure that the parts around your eyes are safe. Once the mask has dried after around seven minutes, wash the face thoroughly.

    Capacity: 50ml

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