Alternative Plus - Multi Intensive Foot Cream

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Product short description: This formula is made up of salts and stabilizers as well as vitamins A & E which help nourish and protect your skin. The quick absorbing Alternative Plus foot cream softens dry and cracked skin and improves the skin’s condition. The cream leaves you with a refreshing, light and clean feeling for a long time after usage.

Benefits: The innovative Alternative Plus + line is a unique and contemporary complex which helps to keep your skin functioning healthily prevent signs of aging. The revolutionary complex is made up of active minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins and pure antioxidant oils which work towards protecting your skin’s moisture and suppleness, help towards skin cell renewal & rejuvenation and contain SPF-15 sunscreen protection.

How to use: Before resting or going to sleep, wash and dry your feet well, then generously apply the cream, working it in until it’s fully absorbed.

Active Ingredients: The formula is comprised of salts and stabilizers as well as vitamins A & E which help to nourish and protect your skin.

Capacity: 150ml



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