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Health and Beauty Anti-Cellulite Soap

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Health and Beauty Anti Cellulite Soap is a Dead Sea product, used to eliminate the cellulite and assists in getting rid of stretch marks. Cellulite is fat cells growth under the skin, mainly in the buttocks and thighs area, which also causes acne and bumps.

Health and Beauty Anti Cellulite Soap has a wonderful aroma of natural oils like angelica, rosemary, cinnamon, carrot seeds and lemon, which also helps in killing the dead fat cells. When the soap is used on the skin by rubbing and scrubbing, a lot of the oils and Dead Sea mineral extracts are released onto the skin.

How to use H&B Anti Cellulite Soap?

Apply the Anti Cellulite Soap in areas where it is most needed such as the hips, the stomach, the buttocks, and the thighs. It has proven to be extremely effective for women who want to get rid of unsightly cellulite.

Weight: 125gr



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