Bio Marine - 4 Facial Care Products Kit

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Bio Marine - Delicate Peeling Mask
50 ml jar

A delicate peeling mask, rich in essential minerals from the Dead Sea. Thoroughly purifies and cleanses the skin of any remaining grime and make-up, effectively removes dead cells, and allows the skin cells to be renewed.

Bio Marine - Protective Day Cream For Oily And Combinational Skin
50 ml jar

The unique formula of Triple Effect Complex creates a wonderfully intensive moisturizing cream that fights the skin’s sagging and aging, restoring the skin’s optimal moisture level and giving it a fresh and soft feel that lasts for hours.

Bio Marine - Nourishing Night Cream
50 ml jar

The Triple Effect Complex creates a particularly rich nourishing night cream, with a creamy and velvety texture.

Bio Marine - Firming Face Serum
30 ml bottle

A concentrated serum with a delicate texture. Particularly suitable for the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes.


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