Bio Marine - Firming Body Cream

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Bio Marine body cream is enriched with the unique and innovative Triple Effect Complex formula, which contains 27 types of natural Dead Sea minerals and Dunaliella seaweed. After applying the body cream, your skin will be moisturized, healthy with a soft and firm feel.  

Benefits of Bio Marine body cream:

  • Thanks to its unique formula, the cream helps keeping the regular balance of the skin’s moisture level and improve its natural moisture.
  • Helping to delay the development of new wrinkles and lines.
  • Protecting the skin from free radicals and strengthening its natural protection system.
  • Providing the skin an elastic, fresh, firm and glowing look.


How to use: Apply the Bio Marine body cream to a clean and dry skin, preferably after a shower. Rub the cream softly onto your skin using gentle massaging movements.

Capacity: 150ml


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