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Bio Marine Delicate Eye Cream

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Bio Marine eye cream is a delicate, fast-absorbing moisturizer designed especially for the fine and sensitive skin around the eyes. This natural and innovative eye cream helps smoothening the skin, concealing wrinkles and lines under the eyes and delaying the aging process, leaving the skin fresh and pleasant to touch.

The eye cream contains the unique Bio Marine Triple Effect Complex based on a combination of at least 27 essential Dead Sea minerals, Dunaliella seaweed and omega fats (omega 3, 6 and 9), all natural ingredients with great effect on the skin health and appearance.

Unique Benefits of Bio Marine Eye Cream:

  • Helping to delay the appearance of new wrinkles;
  • Maintaining the skin's natural and balanced moisture level;
  • Boosting collagen production while preventing its weakening;
  • Reducing the amount of wrinkle and lines;
  • Leaving the skin around the eyes with a young, fresh, and radiant look;
  • Improving the skin’s natural protection against free radicals.


How to use: Rub the eye cream to clean skin with a gentle massaging movement.

Capacity: 50ml



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