DR. SEA - Sabra Facial Mask (Opuntia cactus extract)

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Effective mask with exotic components and complex of useful elements favourably influences the skin of all types. The super mask effect is based on 2 key components: Opuntia cactus extract and the oil extract of pomegranate seeds.
Opuntia cactus extract regenerates natural water balance, improves blood circulation, assists in strengthening of capillaries walls.
The oil extract of pomegranate seeds excellently nourishes, protects skin from free radicals, regenerates skin, smooths out minor wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.
Regular Sabra application:
- makes skin softer and optimally moisturized;
- provides essential nourishment to skin cells;
- makes your skin naturally radiant and fresh;
- assists in saving youth, resiliency and elasticity for a long time.
Try it and make sure that it works!

How to use:Β Apply a thick layer of the mask to the cleansed wet facial skin. Leave it for 10–20 minutes. Massage facial skin with fingertips along massage lines and remove the mask with a napkin if necessary. It's recommended to use 1–2 times a week.

Capacity: 115ml

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