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Health and Beauty - Firming Peel-Off Mask

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Health & Beauty Peel-Off Mask is a unique facial mask with triple effect on your skin. The mask, enriched with Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts, is used to peel dead skin cells and cleanse the skin thoroughly, stimulate and refresh the skin and strengthen the skin's tissue. The mask is suited for all skin types.


3 Actions of Health and Beauty Peel-Off Mask

  1. Peeling: the mask peels the skin gently and removes even the tiniest remains of dirt from your skin.
  2. Stimulation: enhances skin cells metabolism and by that refreshes and restores the skin.
  3. Firming: strengthening the skin tissue to improve its elasticity and health


    Benefits of Health & Beauty Peel-Off Mask:

    • Impacts the skin's beauty and firmness immediately
    • Leaves the skin silky smooth and glowing
    • Conceals any signs of tired and grey skin
    • Refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.


    How to use H&B Peel-Off Mask:

    Use the mask on a weekly basis.

    Apply the mask to a clean and dry face and avoid the eye area.

    Wait for the mask to dry (about 10 minutes), and then peel the mask from the chin to the forehead.

    Apply one of H&B moisturizers to complement the treatment.

    Capacity: 100ml



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