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Health and Beauty Lightening Facial Soap

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Health and Beauty Lightening Facial Soap is a unique liquid soap designed to clarify and unify uneven skin tone in your face, neck and cleavage area. The unique facial soap is based on a rich complex of strong ingredients pulled out of the depths of the Dead Sea and other natural components such as Vitamin E and C and lemon oil, which combats skin pigmentation as a result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, aging, excess production of melanin (known as hyperpigmentation), and usage of certain medications such as birth control pills.

If you suffer from uneven skin tone, sun spots, blemishes or pigmentation marks, H&B cream would improve your skin's tones and texture after a short period of usage.

Benefits of Health and Beauty Dead Sea Lightening Soap:

  • Treats skin pigmentation and spotting
  • Conceals freckles, blemishes and acne scars
  • Removes dead skin cells and boosts skin rejuvenation
  • Balances the skin's natural moisture level
  • Helps absorb moisturizers
  • Suitable for all skin types


How to use H&B Lightening Soap:

Use the soap every day, in the morning and before going to bed. Apply a small amount of liquid and massage the face, neck and neckline area gently. After a few minutes was the skin with cold water and dry carefully. For better results apply H&B skin lightening cream afterword.  

Capacity: 250ml



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