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Health and Beauty Mineral Nail Hardener


Health and Beauty nail hardener is a unique 100% natural nail strengthener, enriched with Dead Sea minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E and many others. After using Health and Beauty mineral nail hardener you would not have to use artificial nails and your natural nails would grow stronger and more beautiful without cracking and flaking.


Benefits of Health & Beauty Mineral Nail Hardener

- 100% natural solution for splitting and peeling nails

- Enriched with active Dead Sea minerals that supports the natural growth of the nails

- Rebuilds and strengthens the nails

- Reduces nails' staining


How to use Health and Beauty Dead Sea Minerals Nail Hardener:

H&B mineral nail hardener is recommended for a daily use for a period of 4 weeks.

Shake the bottle before gently before usage, open it and apply a thin coating on dry and clean nails (if you the previous nail hardener is still on, remove it before applying a new layer).

We recommend avoiding using a nail polish for the first two weeks of the treatment. Once the nails are stronger, you can start applying nail polish on a weekly basis.

For better results, apply H&B nail and hand cream several times a day.

Capacity: 25ml



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