More Beauty - 2-Phase Makeup Remover

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Two-Phase Makeup Remover Double Action 2 in 1 double action make up remover. Contains Dead Sea mineral extracts and vitamins B5 and E. 

The blue phase contains gentle components   which dissolve immediately after application, for smooth removal of makeup residue.  Easily removes even water resistant makeup. 

The clear phase is based on water enriched with essential minerals and moisture components with vitamins B5, E and relaxation agents which complete the cleaning action, leaving a gentle, fresh scent on face. 

The two products mixed together create a highly effective and efficient facial make up remover The product is suitable for: Easily removing lasting, high quality makeup products Suitable for sensitive skin.

Instructions for use: Mix the bottle to obtain a uniform liquid. Apply onto a cotton pad and gently clean face. Suitable for use on sensitive skin areas near eyes, on neck and on lips. 

Removes makeup quickly and effortlessly.

Capacity: 225ml

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