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Health and Beauty Multi-Purpose Aloe Vera Cream - up to 70% OFF

$9.90 (was $23.90)

The Multi-Purpose Aloe Vera Cream is another quality product of Health and Beauty (H&B). The aloe vera cream is used for smoothing and softening the skin, especially after sun exposure, hair removal treatment. It can be used for men, women and children and it is recommended for athletes and people who work outdoors. H&B Aloe Vera Cream is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, avocado oil and other Dead Sea minerals.

When and How to use H&B Aloe Vera Cream

The H&B Aloe Vera Cream can also be applied after shaving, waxing or laser treatments when the skin is extremely sore and sensitive and becomes red and bumpy. The refreshing cream will rejuvenate and sooth the skin to make it feel and look fresher than it was before. The best way to apply the cream is to just massage it thoroughly into the skin wherever needed.

Capacity: 180ml

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