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Health & Beauty Refreshing Foot Cream Deodorant

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Health & Beauty Refreshing Foot Cream Deodorant is a nutritious and soothing foot deodorant with a cooling effect, designed to relief your tired feet and prevent Athlete's foot. The cream deodorant is enriched with Dead Seam minerals, Ginko Biloba, Tea Tree oil and Shea butter, which nourish and calm the feet, as well as Arnica and Hamamelis that neutralize odors and reduce foot sweat, leaving the foot moisturized, relaxed, refreshed and with a delicate aroma. Health and Beauty Foot Cream Deodorant is an essential product for athletes, highly active people and people who walk or stand for long hours.

How to use H&B foot cream deodorant:

Apply the cream deodorant to clean and dry feet twice a day, every morning before putting on shoes and every night before going to sleep. Massage the feet gently until the cream is absorbed.


Capacity: 100ml



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