Dead Sea for Acne

Acne is a common skin condition, characterized by pimples covering mainly the facial area, the upper chest and back. Acne usually appears at adolescence, but in recent years it is common among men and women in their twenties and even thirties.

Acne spots develop around the hair follicles area due to a combination of causes, including an excessive production of oil, dead skin cells, blocked pores and bacteria. In addition, acne can be triggered or worsen by hormonal changes or imbalance, diet based on dairy products and simple carbohydrates, stress and certain medication.

Benefits of Dead Sea Acne Treatment

Dead Sea products are known for treating acne successfully for several reasons: due the high concentration of salts available in the Dead Sea water (9.6 times salt comparing to the ocean), the Dead Sea mud has an anti-bacterial effect, which protects the skin from bacteria and prevents their development; the minerals available in the Dead Sea water help dry the pimples and absorb the skin's excessive oil and dirt; Dead Sea products for acne also help remove dead skin cells. In addition, the Dead Sea cosmetics products are 100% natural, they do not dry the skin or cause any other side effect, and they can be safely used by people with acne skin.

The active ingredients of the Dead Sea mud were used by the cosmetics industry to create several acne treatment products with Dead Sea minerals including acne drying lotion and anti-acne face and body mud soap.




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