Dead Sea facial scrub and peeling

Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop offers a variety of facial peeling gels and facial scrub products for all skin types. Dead Sea facial peeling gels are enriched with natural, active minerals from the salty waters of the Dead Sea and other valuable ingredients such as Vitamin A&E, essential oils and herbal extracts, which would cleanse and scrub your skin thoroughly and leave it clean, healthy and glowing.

Dead Sea peeling products were developed using special formulas that refines the aesthetic and medical qualities benefits of the Dead Sea minerals and packs it into a peeling gel or a mask. Dead Sea peeling gel or face scrub have many benefits: it cleanse the skin deeply, removes dead skin cells and as a result helps achieving a soft and smooth skin and protects it from acne spots, wrinkles and aging signs.

Dead Sea Facial Peeling Gel and Face Scrub Products:






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