Health & Beauty Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics Products

Health and Beauty (H&B) is a cosmetics products company run by its parent company, Dead Sea Minerals. H&B cosmetics consist of all kinds of health and beauty categories ranging from skin care products, body and spa products, hair care products, health care products, sun care products to men’s skin care products.
The Health & Beauty Dead Sea minerals products also consist of a variety of beauty products such as body mud, collagen creams, mineral soaps, acne lotions, makeup removers, lotions for men, mud masks, after shave balms for men, eye serums, peeling masks, night and day creams, cleansing milk, hands and nails cream, and also bath salts.
These H&B Cosmetics are exceedingly effective and can treat all sorts of health and beauty related problems such as dry skin, eczema, acne, oily skin, swollen hands and feet, ingrown nails and fungus, and aching pains and muscles, while also being effective for skin cleansing, protecting the skin from the sun’s rays and also for preventing skin aging.


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