Alternative Plus - Time Control Active Light Moisture Cream

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This light-textured fast absorbing moisturizing cream is made especially for the treatment of dryness in the skin and provides it with a long lasting hydration and beauty. This unique cream leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, glowing and fresh. It works brilliantly as a base for make-up.

Benefits: The innovative Alternative Plus + line is a unique and contemporary complex which helps to keep your face’s skin functioning healthily prevent signs of aging. The revolutionary complex is comprised of active minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins and pure antioxidant oils which help to protect your skin’s moisture and suppleness, aid in skin cell renewal and rejuvenation and contain SPF-15 sunscreen protection.

How to use: Apply each morning and evening on clean skin using gentle circular motions until it’s fully absorbed.

Active Ingredients: Enriched with vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, soothing hamamelis and energizing Dead Sea minerals to enhance moisture absorption. The cream also contains nourishing Olive Oil, moisture retaining Saccharides and Vitamin C and E, which help fight against free radicals. Contains SPF 15.

Capacity: 50 ml

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