Magnesium is a chemical element, an alkaline earth metal, a light weight substance and the eighth most common ingredient in the Earth’s crust. In more simple words, as we in cosmetics like to refer to it – a mineral.

Due to Magnesium ion’s high solubility in water, it is the third most abundant element dissolved in seawater. Magnesium originated in the Dead Sea is a high concentration mineral and is the best kind of Magnesium that absorbs into the human body. It is the best resource of natural Magnesium for producing supplements that are used often by athletes and elders, to prevent muscle spasms while inactive (at night).

Magnesium in Biology

In Biology, Magnesium is a very common mineral as it is essential to all living cells, in the purpose of generation, regeneration and healing (of skin tissue, among all things). For example, women after childbirth can use frozen Magnesium dipped bandages to relief pain, cool the damaged area and boost healing. Enriching our body with Magnesium can help diabetics fight edema and muscle cramps, lower cholesterol and live a healthier life. Magnesium is reserved in our bones, not in our blood. Just like the vitamin B12, that is stored in our liver, the trace of Magnesium can be located by the specific bone density test and not by the simple blood test.

Magnesium in Cosmetics

In cosmetics generally and in Dead Sea cosmetics particularly, Magnesium is the easiest natural mineral to combine into a cream, a serum or a mask. It naturally exists, in high concentrations, in the Dead Sea mud that is known for its good effects for the skin, muscles and bones. The Magnesium, as it is soluble, melts easily into the salty water and mud of the Dead Sea and enriches it with all of its good qualities. Swimming in Dead Sea water is like recharging Magnesium batteries – it is very beneficial to skin and bone regeneration, reliefs muscle cramps and contributes to the general well being.

In nature, in addition to being a “Dead Sea mineral”, good resources of Magnesium can also be Green vegetables, whole grains and various nuts. Vegetarian animals get their Magnesium from eating these Greens and beans. Horses are the perfect example for a vegetarian animal that benefits from eating Greens for Magnesium.