Dead Sea Bath Salts & Body Care Products

Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop offers a large selection of natural bath and body care products, allowing you to experience of soaking in the minerals-rich waters of the Dead Sea at the comfort of your own home. The Dead Sea bath and body care products can be purchased online and delivered straight to your home, with no additional shipping fees, so you can enjoy the benefits of the magical Dead Sea salts and its by-products – from body lotions to treatment and peeling soaps, deodorants and luxury bath salts – everywhere in the world. 

Our Dead Sea body care products are all enriched with active Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, which are known for their advantages for all skin types. Dead Sea bath and body products can be used for relaxing the body, treating muscle pains and several skin conditions, balancing the skin's moisture level, concealing and preventing stretch marks and overall improving the skin's appearance and health.




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