Health & Beauty - 24K Gold Hydro Gel Eye Masks for Firming, Glow and Refreshment

$29.90 (was $44.90)

Golden hydro gel masks enriched with K24 gold that are precisely adapted to the delicate eye area, soften the skin, firm and refresh. Comprehensive anti-aging treatment to blur wrinkles.
The mask effectively penetrates the active ingredients into the skin, helping to smooth it and reduce swelling and dark circles around the eyes.
The mask is soaked in an active substance and penetrates the liquid soaked in it directly into the eye area, the opacity of the mask allows the components to penetrate deeper into the skin than a normal mask.
Enriched with hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, caffeine, K24 gold, chamomile, aloe vera extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin E and minerals from the Dead Sea.

How to use: Open the package and take the mask out of the plastic package, place around the eyes and tighten gently so that it is fixed in place, leave for about 10 minutes.
Remove and pat the excess liquid into the skin, no need to rinse.
For one-time hygienic use, for comfort and indulgence.

Quantity per package: 5 pairs

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