Health & Beauty 26 Minerals Soap

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Health & Beauty 26 Minerals Soap is a natural therapeutic firm soap enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts, designed to cleanse your body deeply and thoroughly. The 26 Mineral Soap contains Glycerin, Olive oil, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, which purify, sooth and nourish skin, nullifies the drying effects of hard water and leave your skin fresh, soft, elastic and with wonderful aroma.

Health & Beauty 26 Mineral Soap can be used on a daily basis for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin and well as people with psoriasis and other skin problems.

How to use 26 Minerals Soap:

Apply the soap to a rinsed face and body. Lather and leave for a minute, and then rinse and dry.

It is recommended to apply one of Health and Beauty moisturizers and body lotions according to your skin type.

Weight: 125gr

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