Black Pearl – Light Day Cream SPF-25

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The ingredients of Black Pearl day cream make sure that your face keeps looking younger and fresh. Black Pearl Day Cream is composed of several minerals from the Dead Sea in addition to seaweed and its very own Black Pearl powder. Not only does it make you look younger, but it also helps you to keep your skin safe from the bright and damaging UV rays of the sun. What’s more, this cream does all that without making your skin oily.

Benefits of Black Pearl Light Day Cream 

The Black Pearl light day cream protects the skin against free radicals and sun damage that make our skin show new signs of aging. This unique oil free cream absorbs quickly leaving the skin look radiant and revitalized. The cream contains SPF sun filter

Black pearl powder composed of 18 amino acids, zinc, selaenium, titanium and protein Dead Sea minerals. Magnesium, calcium, bromide, zinc, iron, sulphur and strontium

How to use Black Pearl Light Day Cream 

Apply the cream on your skin and massage it gently. Keep massaging until it gets absorbed. It is recommended that you use it after applying the Black Pearl Face & Eye Cream Serum in order to attain the best results for your skin.

Capacity: 50ml

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