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Product short description: The cream designed to help prevent the signs of time and promote a younger-looking complexion. This advanced deep moisturizer rejuvenates, improves skin texture and brings out your natural glow. The cream gives your skin a glowing, vital and more youthful appearance. Nourishes, restores and enriches the skin’s moisture level for a smooth and radiant look every morning.

Benefits: The innovative Alternative Plus + line is a revolutionary and unique complex that aids in preserving your facial skin’s healthy functioning and preventing signs of aging.
The unique complex contains active minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins and pure anti-oxidant oils that protect the skin’s moisture and suppleness, aid in skin cell renewal and rejuvenation and contain SPF-15 sunscreen protection.

How to use: Apply gently to clean skin and massage with circular motions until fully absorbed. Recommended for a daily use. For optimal results, apply the cream after using the 'Alternative' facial serum.

Active Ingredients: Contains Dead Sea active minerals, Olive Oil for extra protection, hyaluronic acid to enhance moisture absorption, soothing hamamelis, energizing and moisture retaining saccharides and Vitamins A, C & E that fights the free radicals. Contains sunscreen.

Capacity: 50 ml



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