Bio Marine - Natural Collagen Day Cream For Dry Skin

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A day cream containing collagen from a natural source and moisturizing ingredients with the aim of ­riming the skin and improving its moisture level. A unique complex of four active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, natriance self-hydrate extract, ceramide from a source of rice and collagen from soy and rice sources. The cream contains a unique ingredient – Omega CH Activator – a sequence of amino acids and peptides all from plant sources that form a peptide similar in structure to collagen. The unique ingredient does 2 actions at the same time:
• Is a source that captures the free radicals and thus delays the aging process of the skin. 
• Encourages the formation of collagen in the skin and supports the existing collagen by delaying its breakdown.

How to use Bio Marine Natural Collagen Day Cream:

Apply daily to clean facial skin.

Capacity: 50ml

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