DR. SEA - Gift GOLD Box - 24 HR Daily Skin Care Set

$86.90 (was $179.90)

Dr.Sea Gold Set brings you the rejuvenating properties of Dr.Sea Gold Collection in a deluxe box.

The set includes:

Intensive Moisturizing Facial Day Cream With Gold And Hyaluronic Acid

Nourishing Facial Night Cream With Gold And Vitamin E

Facial serum with gold and vitamin E - radiant skin effect

Gold microparticles in combination with a complex of natural components contribute to an incredibly beautiful color and healthy appearance of the skin, and activate metabolic processes.
Vitamin C - 
makes the skin healthy and radiant, slows down the aging process, fights pigmentation.
 - helps restore smoothness and heal microdamages.
Vitamin E-  
provides antioxidant effect and protects.
Green tea and aloe vera extracts- 
tone, increase elasticity, saturate with moisture, provide natural bactericidal and antioxidant effects.
Nettle extract- 
has a tightening effect, relieves puffiness, fights rosacea, soothes skin irritation.
extract evens out the skin, stimulating microcirculation and providing a rejuvenating effect.
Gold nanoparticles- 
stimulate the skin's ability to self-heal, even out tone, give radiance and elasticity, and enhance the effect of other beneficial ingredients.

- Gold nanoparticles stimulate the skin's ability to self-heal, soften, and promote detox.
- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid regulates skin moisture and helps even out its microrelief by filling wrinkles, like a filler.
- The composition also contains emblica extract, which contributes to the narrowing of pores.
- Combines the powerful effect of the serum and the prolonged and protective action of the cream.
- The main ingredients provide anti-aging care, restoration, smoothness, regeneration, softening, moisturizing.
- Improves complexion, fights the manifestations of couperosis and rosacea, increases skin elasticity, improves metabolic processes.
- Has a high content of active ingredients with a very light texture. <br>- Nourishes the skin of the face and evens out the tone, provides a lifting effect.
- Suitable for all skin types, including oily and problematic.

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