DR. SEA - Moisturizing Cream with Carrot Oil and Orange Extract

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More than 30 cream natural ingredients enrich skin with beneficial elements, provide complex nourishment and maintain vital moisture balance that is significant for combined skin. Key components:  vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, Dead Sea minerals, carrot oil and orange extract.
Carrot oil:
- soothes skin;
- protects from the environment hazards;
- nourishes and softens skin;
- gets rid of peeling skin and dry cheeks;
- freshens complexion;
- protects from the winter wind and indoor dry air during heating season.
Orange extract:
- has strong protective functions;
- gently removes dead cells;
- tones up skin;
- has a light clarifying effect;
- eliminates oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin);
- increases productivity of collagen that is a basic skin cells material;
- stimulates increase of skin tonicity and elasticity.  

How to use: Apply a small amount of the cream by tapping motions to the dry clean face and neck along the massage lines. It is recommended for daily morning or evening application in combination with Dr. Sea cleansing cosmetics.

Capacity: 50ml

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