Health & Beauty Pso Skin Relief Cream

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Health and Beauty developed a unique cream designed to calm and treat skin with psoriasis and other skin related problems – from itching and irritation to cracked skin. The H&B pso skin relief is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, natural plant herbals, vitamins and oils that help soothe the skin, prevent skin flaking, balance the moisture level and refresh the skin.

The unique combination of Dead Sea minerals, see weed and green tea, aloe vera extracts, avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter, Ginseng, Patchouli oil, Chamomile and vitamins C + E moisture can help hydrate and calm the skin as well as improve its texture. The cream suits people with psoriasis or other skin conditions including irritation, itching, rash, redness or cracked skin a s a result of extreme dryness. The cream is 100% natural and it does not contain steroids or any other tar-derivatives contents.

How to use H&B Dead Sea Pso Cream:

  • It is recommended to apply the skin twice a day.
  • Apply the cream in the morning or evening on the infected area after washing it carefully.
  • After a several uses the skin would be softer, smother and more hydrated and relaxed.

: 200ml

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