Health and Beauty - Lightening Cream

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Health and Beauty lightening cream is a strong and active solution for skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The lightening cream is enriched with active Dead Sea minerals, natural plant extracts, vitamins A, E, C and acids that are known for their whitening effect on the skin.

Skin pigmentation is a common phenomenon among women in all ages and skin types, and it can be caused by years of sun exposure, excessive melanin, freckles, acne scars and hormonal changes as a result of pregnancies or usage of contraceptive pills. Thanks to Health and Beauty lightening cream you can turn back the clock on your facial skin and conceal pigmentation marks, acne scars and sun spots. The cream is suitable for a daily use for all skin types.


How to use Health and Beauty lightening cream:

Apply the cream every morning on a dry and clean skin. Massage it gently until fully absorbs. Note: we recommend applying a second layer of sunscreen before exposing to the sun, especially during the summer.

Capacity: 50ml

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