Health and Beauty Multi-Vitamin Treatment Anti-Crack Foot Cream

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A multi-vitamin enriched moisturizing anti-crack foot cream that helps protect your dry skin. It contains olive oil which softens your skin and acts as an agent to fight off the sores that develop on your feet. It also contains natural Aloe Vera extracts which take care of your swollen feet and prevents them from producing foul odors.

The Anti-Crack Foot Cream is highly enriched with Tea Tree oil to make sure you don’t feel any irritation on your feet. It also keeps fungus away from your toenails. In addition to that, this cream contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Dead Sea Salt minerals which ensure that your feet don’t have any dry skin cells. If you wear shoes for long periods of time, have more exposure to the sun, heat, or even humidity, you must buy the Anti-Crack Foot Cream and make sure your feet always stay beautiful.

How to use the Anti-Crack Foot Cream

After showering, massage the cream onto clean feet.

Capacity: 100ml

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