Black Pearl Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream for Dry & Very dry Skin

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Black Pearl offers a very power and nourishing hand cream, developed especially for dry and very dry skin. The hand and nail cream contains a unique composition of Black Pearl powder, (with 18 amino acids, zinc, selenium, titanium and protein Dead Sea minerals. Magnesium, calcium, bromide, zinc, iron, Sulphur and strontium), Dead Sea minerals and seaweed, which provides long-term hydration and protection for your hands and nails. Black Pearl hand lotion provides the required moisture for your dry, sensitive and cracked hands, leaving the skin soft and velvety with a delicate aroma.

Benefits of Black Pearl hand cream for dry skin:

  • Boosts the moisture level in your hands' skin
  • Refines and softens the hands' skin including the area around the nails
  • Protects the sensitive skin of your hands from the damage caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions and chemicals


How to use: Use the Black Pearl hand a cream on a dry and clean skin whenever need. Apply a generous amount of the lotion your hands and the skin.

Capacity: 150ml

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