Health and Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Mineral Serum

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The Anti Wrinkle Multi-Vitamin Mineral Serum is a product of the Dead Sea cosmetics brand Health and Beauty (H&B).

Many environmental, nutritional and hormonal factors cause the skin to appear tired and lack in elasticity. That is what this vitamin induced mineral serum is perfect for. It covers facial skin with a moisturizing mixture of pure beauty ingredients, containing a rich complex of vitamins which nourish the skin, providing it with a firming effect and bringing radiance back into your skin.

The H&B anti-wrinkle mineral serum contains vitamin A to improve skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and maintain an even texture; Vitamin E, a major antioxidant in our bodies, which depresses the natural skin aging process by neutralizing free radicals and reducing sun ray damages and Vitamin C, a leading anti-aging factor, which provides the skin with a healthy glow and protects from skin discoloration. The serum is enriched with natural oils, essential fatty acids Omega 3&6 and active Dead Sea minerals.

The Anti Wrinkle Mineral Serum facilitates the skin in looking healthy and glowing. It also prevents the skin from aging and wrinkles and helps it appear nourished and firm as a result. Women who are 25 years old or above are the most suitable users for this serum, as that is when aging truly begins although the fine lines may become visible at a much later age. Get a younger you with the minerals from the Dead Sea.

How to use H&B anti-wrinkle mineral serum

to be applied in the morning and the evening on a bit wet and clean skin, drop several drops of the serum over the skin of the face and neck, massage the skin by a gentle central movements up and apply a moisturizing cream, such as H&B oil-free moisturize cream.

 Capacity: 50ml

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