In the common imagery, and mostly in the movies, the most classic antiaging homemade treatment is cucumber slices that eccentric women and teenagers put on their faces hoping to gain or regain the desired beauty. This stereotype is actually, at least partially, true. Cucumber is one of the natural products that can be used for antiaging purposes. There are many other tricks that can help you to maintain your skin young and fresh despite the inexorability of time. Let discover some of them together:

The Renowned Cucumber Trick

Besides irony and clichés, cucumber really contains precious antiaging substances. This vegetable in fact contains silica that has the power to regenerate skin tissues and to strengthen them while maintain them elastic and smooth. A massive quantity of vitamin C and several other antioxidants are also found in cucumbers. These too contribute to cucumber’s antiaging power.

Cucumber helps the skin cells to retain water and therefore, to stay deeply hydrated. For this reason, cucumber is particularly useful not only as an antiaging but also to heal and regenerate burnt skin (this is why it is one of the basic ingredients of after-sun organic creams).

For all the above mentioned proprieties and for many other ways cucumber can contribute to your skin’s and general health, cucumber masks, slices applications on your eyes and, of course, use of creams and lotions that contain cucumber extract are recommended in antiaging treatments.

Use only organic natural products

Like cucumbers, there are many antiaging natural products around, many of which are used to create beauty and body care products. These are the best antiaging you can find and you should prefer them to chemical ones. Chemical products, in fact, might give you some initial result but some of the dangerous substances that they are made of, will end up accumulating in your organism. This can create very serious health problems and, surely, they will no help you in contrasting age signs. Besides cucumber, plants like Aloe Vera are miraculous as antiaging: Aloe Vera is another natural substance that, like cucumbers, acts against free radicals and favors the hydration of the cells. Moreover, it has a very strong healing and regenerative power. Aloe Vera is good for preventing aging effects but also to contrast sunburns and chronical dehydrations. Its healing ability is also particularly useful in case of inflammations, acne and infections.

Antiaging Food

It shouldn’t sound new to you: what you eat and drink affects your organism deeply and skin tissue is a part of it! Specific aliments are richer than others in antioxidants and if you combine them together in your diet they will interact reinforcing one the power of the other. Increasing the consumption of healthy food you will absorb more antioxidants. This will make you look younger, besides helping your vital organs to remain functional to their maximum capacity.

A lot of delicious food can be labeled as antiaging food for example berries, red wine (about one glass a day; if you drink much more you will get the opposite result) and raw olive oil. They have also been proven effective in reducing the risk of heart diseases, cancer and the degeneration of brain cells. In general, dark colored vegetables are a proven source of different antioxidants; eating them regularly (preferably raw or lightly cooked) will greatly benefit your skin and your body in general.

Honey, I'm young!

Honey is another wonder of nature that we can take advantage of in order to have radiant skin for many years to come. It contains a massive amount of antioxidants that can help your skin regenerate itself. It is also an antibacterial and can be of use for mild irritations and inflamations. Home made masks with honey (and in general the use of natural cosmetics that contain honey) are to be used regularly. They will gently exfoliate dead cells while deeply nurturing the others.

Should you Shower?

The question might be unsettling but besides irony, there is a bit of truth in it. A clean body is important not only for aging well but also for the present look of your skin. However, nowadays, some tend to abuse of soap and hot water and they put their skin through a very dramatic experience once a day or even more. If you want to avoid dry skin or, even worse, skin problems, avoid boiling showers, use natural soaps and step up from the shower before your skin becomes red. After the shower gently dry yourself and possibly put some natural body lotion that will hydrate your skin properly.

Vitamine Boost

Your skin tissue is alive and needs to be fed. If you want it to remain young and healthy for many years you need to feed it with the right substances and in particular vitamins. We all know that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamines but there is one vegetable that is a real vitamin bomb: avocado. The concentration of vitamins in avocado is surprising. Not only it is a portentous source of vitamins A, B D and E but it is also a great source of potassium, another precious mineral that can heal and preserve your skin. For this reason, avocado is one of the most efective antiaging tools you have at your fingertips. A 10 minues application of ripe avocado mask can donate a new glow to your skin.

Absolute Don’ts

Even more basic than what you do for your skin to remain young and beautiful is what you are absolutely forbid to do if you care about it. Some very frequent actions can be very dangerous for our skin cells and for our body in general. Just to quote some:

Smoking – it gives you cancer (is it not enough?). It prevents skin to be properly oxygenated, it ruins its elasticity and it contributes to wrinkles and stains.

Unprotected sun exposure – it gives you cancer (yes, this too!). Sun UV rays penetrate in your skin tissue and damage it. Your skin burns, many superficial cells die and even the deeper ones are hurt in their regenerative power.

Coffee – it gives you wrinkles (this suddenly sounds so good!). Caffeine dehydrates the skin and it sensibly contributes to the loss of elasticity and tone

Not enough sleep – it gives you craving for coffee (see above). Sleeping is the time in which our body regenerates. If you don’t sleep at least 8 hours per night your organism lacks the time to refill your skin tissue with liquids and replenish it with the necessary substances.