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Dead Sea. Did you know?

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on June 17, 2018

The dead sea is the lowest point on Earth.

Over the years the warmth and dryness of the desert climate have resulted in increased evaporation of water and the lake surface which lead to the concentration of the salts contained in it.

The salinity of the dead sea is rich in minerals like – sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine. These minerals are known for their healing properties for more than 2000 years.

Dead Sea Salt

Black mud found in abundance at the dead sea is rich in medicinal properties.

The large amount of sea salt causes us to float on the surface The ancient Egyptians used the dead sea mud to preserve the bodies.

If you try to taste the waters of the dead sea salt you will discovered They weren't salty but bitter . The high amount of salt in the water causes our senses to be confused and to replace the salty taste bitter.

The distance from the Sun's rays power creator ultra low power. This reduces the risk of getting sunburn while sunbathing.

The surrounding sea are attributes. This fact has turned the dead sea one of the most important resorts in the world.

The ancient people used to bathe at the dead sea in order to heal from disease.

People from all over the world reach the dead sea treatment raomatiot diseases, skin diseases, chronic diseases of the lung and heart diseases.

The dead sea has no pollution.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on June 13, 2018

Nobody's perfect, says the old proverb.

Who among us does not suffer occasional problem

Possible for solution to any problem from which you suffer is the dead sea.

Improving skin: The minerals of the dead sea help skin problems such as acne and psoriasis.

Skin-wash with dead sea watter helps to reduce inflammation of the skin due to the high concentration of magnesium in the dead sea

Relief situations rheumatologic treatments

Bathing in the dead sea watter relief in cases of arthritis.

Absorption of minerals in the body during the baptism in water Rejuvenates the blood flow.

 Anti-aging: Dead sea salts helps reduce the depth of wrinkles as a result of the aging of the skin.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea

Sea full of minerals that give young and healthy skin.

Don't miss visiting the dead sea.

Black Mud – Natural Product from the Dead Sea

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on June 11, 2018

 Suffering from Cellulite / wrinkles / tired skin / dandruff /Acne pimples?

Dead Sea Mud your solution!

You don't have to go all the way to the Dead Sea area (which is a wonderful cure site)', in order to get rid of all those symptoms. On our site you can buy natural white or black mud or clay mud straight from Dead Sea that'll do it for you

Dead Sea Mud

What are the benefits of Dead Sea Mud?

Well, it's rich in high important minerals such as: Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc.

It was created thousands of years ago as a result of floods that led to creating precipitation of clay.

This product helps reducing Acne Pimples by sucking fats and pus from skin.

It absorbs toxins from body as well as skin so minerals penetrate easily, regenerating and smoothing it.

So, what's left for you to do?

Just hurry and try the products!


Why dead sea vacation?

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on June 03, 2018

The dead sea, the salty sea between Jordan to Israel is considered by many to be one of the wonders of the world.

Israelis and tourists float on water, read a newspaper and sinking in the mud, smear black, Tan on the beach and breathe the air rich in Broome.

 Front seen sea behind them are steep mountains and cliffs, some with rich history

Dead Sea Beach

In the past tourists at the dead sea reached the area only for health reasons, but in recent years the dead sea hotels were renovated and refurbished rooms offer luxurious vacation all year round.

Dead Sea Hotels – luxury hotels, at every level and in every budget!.!.! Some of the dead sea hotels located in the South of the dead sea in a complex Neve Zohar. Neve Zohar complex very close to the city of Arad which is the southern entrance to the dead sea. In ein bokek, at the northern entrance to the dead sea are most hotels.

The basic difference between the dead sea hotels is among the hotels on the beach, some have a private beach, and hotels that are on the mountain. You should know that many outlying hotels from the water offer shuttles during the small fixed and put the tourists away to the dead sea.

Sea you can find all kinds of hotels. Alongside hotels three to four stars luxury hotels has been carefully decorated. Hotels at the dead sea have undergone renovations in recent years, and therefore cheaper hotels offer good accommodations.

Dead Sea Hotels offers year-round vacation with content. There are hotels that have lectures on health care, there are hotels that offer fun days to guests and the hotels focus on health and tourism offer spa treatments, mud treatments and thermal treatments included.

The hotels have different room types ranging from standard rooms, family rooms to luxurious suites, studios and garden rooms.

About Dead Sea Archaeology

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on May 31, 2018

 In the middle of the last century have been discovered in the Dead Sea region Hebrew writings more than 2000 years.

This discovery is one of the most significant in the world of archaeology, since it shows explanations for the ancient life in the desert.

In 1947 a Bedouin Shepherd went looking for a lost goat in ein feshchah nature reserve. The shepherd came to the cave, threw in stones and explosive audio sound of broken pottery.

The Curious Shepherd enters the cave and finds some jars. He smashed the jars and discovered in them leather parchment pages covered in writing.

These were the Dead Sea scrolls or the extra oil, Dead Sea Scrolls and the Dead Sea scrolls, which as noted collection of Hebrew manuscripts of more than 2000 years.

As a result of the discovery of the scrolls began digging the site, today a national park of nature and Parks Authority. The site will evidence indicating that instead of living in cooperation with Jews and Christians. Instead discovered the remains of the ancient monastery in the Western world.

Dead Sea

One theory says that the archaeological site sat dead sea sect who believed in divine retribution for better or for worse, and that humans are similar to light and darkness.

Among the findings in the field and write in the match. For example, strictly journalistic purity across multiple site entry.

The scrolls were found in 11 caves are hidden near the Qumran settlement remains.

About 900 scrolls were discovered and decrypted. Recently completed decoding of 2 recent examples were written in Cypher and discovered Ben 364 day calendar which lists holiday days and occasions.


Dreaming about the Wonders

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on May 21, 2018

Dreaming about the wonders of the world?

Come to the dead sea, one of the candidate list of wonders of the world competition.

Nature has no borders. The dead sea is in common to Israel and Jordan, which proves that a good dialogue, good for interaction with nature.

The dead sea is a unique natural phenomenon and one of the special places in the world.

The dead sea is the lowest land on Earth – the shores are at an altitude of 424 metres below sea level — Plus, he is the world's largest saltwater.

But not only the salinity makes dead sea to wonder. Around the dead sea life forms have evolved unique flora and fauna of the region and are 2 nature reserves – reserve ein Gedi and ein feshchah nature reserve.

Dead Sea

So why wait?

Book today holiday in one of the hotels at the dead sea where you can see with your own eyes in wonder, relax in the spa resorts, special travel, reserves to purchase products based on minerals and salts from the dead sea, mainly to gain experience incomparable worldwide.

Dead Sea Attractions

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on May 21, 2018

So you've decided to go for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, or spa treatments  at the salt sea why not combine a visit to the amazing attractions in the area.

Those who love to explore nature, between the mountains and the rocks and enjoy the desert can choose between Jeep tours that will take you to unusual places with landscapes, places where nature is dominant. And of course you can walk exciting routes, growing and living life in the lowest place in the world.

Ein Gedi-you can see the botanical gardens and the Petting Zoo. This is the only Botanical Garden in the world in which people live, where each garden space covers around. You can walk among thousands of varieties of plants and trees, birds and butterflies and meet will arrive to visit the reserve.  Petting Zoo she sleeps, and giant tortoises, crocodiles, Mayan,.

Masada - High on a cliff side from which it is possible to observe all the area, on the dead sea, red mountains and mountains of the Judean desert. Better to go to the mountain cable car and explore the ruins in portraying Masada during Herod the King, and during the great revolt, don't miss the audiovisual show describing the emotion and heroism of rebellion. Back off for the snake, ttnhalo to etechm and enjoy the wonderful apparent.

Kefar hanokdim - The village is dotted between Arad to Masada in the Judean desert. From the village you can go for a camel and donkeys several variable-length tracks, 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

If you like art and galleries, many artists living in kibbutzim and moshavim nearby display their works in galleries. In Arad, the nearest town, you can visit several museums followed by sitting in a café, restaurant or even take a stroll at the Mall.

No doubt the main attraction is the dead sea. The strong sun, the salt-rich water, mineral-rich mud contribute to everyone's health. Should not suffer from the disease and rejuvenate at the shores of the dead sea. There are beaches that offer unique dead sea spa treatments, offering pools have minerals or freshwater pools, smell the mud, chairs, umbrellas, lawn areas, gift shops, restaurants and more.

Dead Sea tourists come to the area all year round. The sun shines almost every day, even in autumn and winter and the weather is always nice. If you are looking for a complete disconnect from routine and relaxing and enchanting Sea awaits you!

Antibacterial Effect

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on May 13, 2018

Dead Sea mud is mud rich in minerals, and is considered to have medicinal properties. lt has a high concentration of minerals.

Dead Sea resort is a cure for many patients with diseases of the joints and various skin . Diseases.

Don't have time to ride no problem can bring the mud to your House
When skin masseuses in the mud, get a gentle peeling works in several ways: sulfur, found plenty of mud (and is responsible for the pungent smell), mass the top layer of the skin, thus contributing to the renewal of induced cells; The salt content of the fluid and takes high which leads to which of the superiority of the skin; And clay (major minerals group) sheipt the skin and helps remove dead cells. The result: skin looks tight and your pores tend to .shrink.

The high concentration of salts provides antibacterial effect mud that helps protect your skin from bacteria

Different uses for Dead Sea Salt

By Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop
on April 18, 2016

Whether it is health or beauty, every human being wishes to have them both. However, if not taken care of properly, both of these can be affected. These effects can be in various forms, ranging from skin diseases to mental illnesses.

Just being healthy or just having a clear skin isn’t enough; you have to make sure you know the remedies if you ever encounter anything standing in the way of your health or beauty. There is one problem though, how would you remember all of these remedies? Don’t worry! We have a way out for you; just remember Dead Sea Salt.


Dead Sea Salt uses

via Wikimeida Commons


Dead Sea Salt is your friend whether it is a health issue or a beauty concern. Here are some uses for Dead Sea Salt which will be helpful for you:

Helpful Uses of Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt is your cure for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of those diseases which are very common among people all around the world. Swellings and stiffness are two of the most regular symptoms of the condition. Dead Sea Salt acts as medicine to counter the issue by circulating the blood more freely through the affected area which helps in curing the problem. The Dead Sea salt drives blood to the area and the minerals that it contains helps greatly in detoxifying the area, relaxing the muscular tension. 


No more stress

Dead Sea Salt happens to be the exact cure for stress, by reversing the symptoms a stressed person might feel. These symptoms commonly include fatigue, headache, sleep disturbance, etc. The reason why this happens is because the flow of blood slows down through your body and with insufficient blood flow, the body does not get enough oxygen and many bodily functions get disrupted.

By using the Dead Sea Bath Salt, you allow yourself to enter a state of relaxation as it contains large amounts of minerals, especially magnesium which calms your nervous system, retains your body fluids and allows you to relax. It also increases the circulation of blood, thereby releasing the stress, causing you to a have a much more comfortable sleep.


Dead Sea Salt Uses for Eczema

Eczema is a kind of a skin disorder, which causes your skin to get dry and itchy, and the worst part is that no two people can have the same symptoms or triggers which causes this disease due to which no two people can be treated in the same way.

However, bathing in Dead Sea Salts are proven to be the unique solution that guarantee greater results. Dead Sea Bath Salts have sodium which helps in balancing out the PH levels of your body. You can even soak the affected area in water containing Dead Sea Salt as an alternate to soaking the entire body in it.

After about twenty minutes, you may use a soft towel to dry the wet skin before applying oil upon the area to seal the moisture in. This moisture needs to be sealed because Eczema occurs on dry skin.


Uses for Dead Sea Salt go beyond most of the remedies you might go for. Their benefits have also been proven by several researches that have been conducted around the world. With no more swollen pores and flared skin, you can enjoy being healthy and beautiful at the same time.


More uses of Dead Sea Salt:

Salt Body Peeling – an aromatic body peeling containing Dead Sea salt and enriched with natural oils and vitamins, which nourishing the skin and slows the skin aging process.

Bath Salts – 100% natural luxury bath salts containing 20 different Dead Sea minerals and highly concentrated with Dead Sea salt, used to treat a variety of skin problems and pains.


How to Get Rid of Rough Skin

By Ben Inbar
on July 15, 2015

Do you have rough skin in certain parts of your body? Do not be ashamed, this is a common (and unaesthetic) condition that many people experience during their lives, especially after a certain age or because of their profession, state of health, climate they live in and personal care.

Skin is our external protection and rough skin is somehow a consequence of this function. In some areas of our body that are usually more inclined to stress and potential friction, skin cells reproduce much faster and in big quantity. Those parts are the hands, the feet and some junctures, mostly elbows and (a bit less) knees. Dehydration and stress contribute for these parts to become much thicker and rough. Rough skin can take a yellow/darker color, can peel and become very callous and ugly to see.

At the beginning is only matter of aesthetic but, if neglected, rough skin can get dangerous. Roughness can degenerate in a thick callous area that might provoke pain and difficulty while walking (talking about the feet, of course). It can crack, bleed and get infected (since, as we said, these areas of our body are particularly exposed to friction and stress they are usually more likely to get fungus and bacteria if they are wounded). In order to avoid these unpleasant degenerative states, we should take some simple but effective precautions to get rid of rough skin as fast as possible.

Rough Skin on our Hands

Our hands are victims of daily stress: days of extreme cold, continuous exposure to dirt and washing with low quality soap, scratches etc. These stressful events cause the skin to dry: the most external layer of skin cells, exhausted, do not manage to hold liquids and nutrients. Of course there might be also a medical skin condition that contributes to this loss of hydration and osmotic balance. Once the skin is dry, it becomes harder, less vital and more likely to get damaged.

In order to avoid this unhealthy process of deterioration you should:

Use natural soap on a daily basis: chemical soaps are extremely aggressive and might damage the epithelial tissue triggering the process of dehydration.

Exfoliate: do your hands look opaque and not smooth? This might depend on a layer of dead cells that you have on your hands. A gentle exfoliation does not damage your skin. Instead it helps new cells to come out, improving immediately the general aspect of your hands. You can rub them gently with a natural facial scrub, washing them before and after with warm water. Our Dead Sea Minerals Scrubs gently exfoliate your body and your face, treating them at the same time with a mix of powerful and completely organic minerals. It would ensure you the complete removal of dead cells with a boost of regenerative substance for your new skin layer to glow.

Hydrate: immediately after the peeling, and certainly at least a couple of times per day, you should hydrate your hands with natural serum and creams that are specifically studied to boost cell regeneration and hydration. If dry skin is your problem right now, you should make sure that the substances contained in your moisturizer will provide you with the help you need.

Protect: if you do not diminish the stress you are putting your hands through, there is no treatment that can help you. Keep following the above mentioned measures without stopping but try to change your behavior as well. Do not expose your hands to cold or hot hair (for example cover your hand in the winter and use napkins to dry them after you wash them) and protect them from extreme friction (contact with chemicals, hard manual work etc.).

Pamper: even when your hands look healthy and the rough skin is gone (or you are just trying to prevent it) you should be generous to your hands and pamper them as much as you can. Periodically you should give your hands an extra-hydrating mask. Dead Sea mud is particularly appropriate for this kind of treatment and will leave your hands soft and beautiful like you have never seen before.


Rough Skin on our Feet

Even if we would like smooth and soft feet, the daily pressure that they bare (our weight, long walks, constrictive shoes etc.) can cause our feet to become “hard like a hoof” and to get an unaesthetic color. Often, a strong sense of discomfort is associated with these phenomena and in order to avoid deep cracks, real pain and further degenerations is better to intervene immediately with simple but effective methods.

As premised, you should know that if you want to improve considerably the condition of your feet you should start an intensive rehabilitation process that might take a couple of weeks. Commitment is the key to success, especially considering that your feet will undergo a certain amount of stress even during the treatment (you cannot expect them to heal completely if you treat them only once!)

Feet Spa: immerse your feet in a footbath with warm water and essential oils for about 15 minutes. You can prepare the footbath also with lemon or vinegar (instead of essential oils). In this case, reduce the time of immersion to 10 minutes. For better results, we suggest you to try out Dead Sea salt, specifically prepared fro these occasions. Once you finish with the the footbath, scrub your feet energetically with pumice stone, trying to remove the white skin that you see (those are dead cells and are responsible for your discomfort and bad looking skin). Rinse with warm water, dry and moisturize immediately and abundantly. The process should be repeated daily till the cracks or the white skin disappear and your feet go back to be soft and hydrated. Dead Sea Minerals products are extremely effective and might shorten the treatment period because of their strong healing power.

Cream and socks, a perfect couple: Especially at night and in general whenever you can, do not limit yourself to put cream on your feet. After you moisturize them, cover them with cotton light colored socks in a way that you will create a protective barrier and will allow the cream to be absorbed completely and penetrate deeper.


Rough Skin on our Elbows

Elbows are the junctures that are most likely to get dry and unaesthetically hard. Skin is sensitive there and subject to continuous movement. During winter and in the summer, they are continuously exposed to contrasting temperatures: hot air from radiators dry them off during winter while the strong cold air of the AC is like a deadly wind during the summer, when they already might suffer for lack of humidity. If, by chance, we also suffer from psoriasis or other skin diseases, rough skin and cracks on our elbows can become intolerable.

Exfoliation and hydration are the remedies also for this area of our body. In this case we should generously indulge with organic body scrubs while showering (never more than twice a week though!) and abounding with emollient lotions to moisturize them several times a day. Our Dead Sea emollient creams have a strong hydrating power and reinforce the ability of the skin cells to retain water. Dead Sea minerals, in fact, favor a healthy osmosis and build a sort of protective barrier around the epithelial cells.


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