The Dead Sea is one of the most fruitful sources of minerals ever existed. The massive amount of salt contained in its water is rich in minerals. Thanks to the massive evaporation of water, salt accumulates at the bottom of the sea, offering new pearls of health and wellness. The salt dissolves with time and with the implacable solar rays that, in this case, make a miracle with their strength. Thanks to this complex process of dissolution and transformation, 26 precious mineral are found in the Dead Sea water in big quantities. Of these 26, 12 are unique to the Dead Sea. Both Dead Sea Water and mud contain interstitial water for more than 35% (with sodium, potassium, magnesium etc.) and soluble minerals (about 60%) like Quartz, Mica, Rock Salt, Dolomite etc.

Dead Sea Minerals are portentous tools against many health problems. They are also effective ingredients of natural cosmetic products (creams, soaps, scrubs and more). But how each of them contributes in improving wellness and young-looking skin? Let’s see together the main benefic proprieties of the main minerals that are found in the Dead Sea. 


This substance is one of the most important for the human body and it is continuously used by our organism that receives it mainly from what we ingest (particularly found in pumpkin seeds, soya, almonds, dates, spinaches, peas, artichokes and figs).

Thanks to the cellular reactions that are trigged by the magnesium, our body is regenerated and produces new energy as well as new hormones and new bone tissues. Magnesium also contributes to regulate blood pressure and it is one of the main agents in metabolizing lipids and proteins. Last but not least, it helps cerebral functions.

If you have blood pressures problems or if you suffer from nervous stress and fatigue, magnesium what you probably lack. A boost of magnesium can help your neurological system recover, can rejuvenate your vital energy especially in particularly stressful or difficult periods so that you will feel much more relaxed, focused and efficient.


Do you know that for every 50 kilos of your global weight, one kilo is pure calcium? Surprised? Surely now you understand better how important this mineral is for our body. Calcium is literally what builds our body, thanks to its fundamental role in the skeleton structure. This is why, people with osteoporosis (that comes together with a drastic reduction of calcium in the bone tissue) are much less stable and their bone structure does not sustain them. Absorbing calcium, especially in younger age, is critical for a solid and compact bone structure that will accompany you for many years to come…. Who said that Dead Sea mineral treatments are only for adults? Be forward looking with your kids: teach them how to take care of their own health with proper nutrition and body care and let them know how useful Dead Sea Minerals are for them too.

Calcium it is not only important for our bones, but it serves many other crucial purposes for our body: it is crucial in internal neurotransmission; it literally helps our heart work and our coagulation process to take place the right way.

Finally, another crucial role of calcium regards our skin tissues. Calcium isolates the epidermis from the dermis protecting these special cells and it regulating the permeability of their membrane. Dead Seam Mineral so rich in calcium, mixed with other healthy substances, favor an antioxidant action of the skin, protects from sun damages and from aging. A proper treatment with Dead Sea minerals can donate your skin a renewed strength and vigor relieving them and preventing them from deterioration.


The truth is that we do not need huge amounts of manganese in our daily life: our body need about 15 mg of this mineral. However, even such a small quantity, is essential to any animal species. If manganese lacks, reproductive capacity might be at risk for example. In your skin, Manganese ensures a regenerating action, improving microcirculation, reinforcing the connective tissue among cells and performing an antioxidant function.


Zinc allows our body to defend and to regenerate itself. Since it stimulates this self-protective ability, it is massively used in Dead Sea Minerals Sunscreens. It is greatly responsible for wounds healing and, in general, for tissues proliferation (including hair). This regenerative power grants Zinc a primary role in the composition of antiaging lotions. Another very well known propriety of this mineral is its ability to regulate the fat-acid equilibrium, that makes of it a very useful ingredient for acne treatments and for balancing skin lotions and products.


Sodium improves skin metabolism. It sensibly contributes to the hydration of skin cells because it stimulates their osmotic capacity (osmosis is the process of absorbing and releasing liquids. Thanks to osmosis, our cells absorb nutrients from the blood and release wastes that will be expelled by our organism). Thanks to sodium, our skin is perfectly equilibrated and not dry.


This mineral is well known for the beneficial activity on the nervous system and on the muscular one. We absorb most of the potassium through food (bananas, dry fruit, tomatoes and many other vegetables and fruits are particularly rich in potassium) and we use it to keep our organism reactive and well balanced. Potassium is particularly useful to those who suffer from water retention (caused by tissues low reactivity) and for abnormally dry skin (also caused by a scarce reaction of the tissues. This can degenerate in psoriasis). For this reason, intensive care products for psoriasis and in general for dry skin have a particularly high concentration of potassium.


Sulfur is crucial for absorbing vitamins and it is integral part of our cellular structure. One of its main functions is to maintain our body clean, helping our organs to expel toxins and waste and to fight against bacteria and blood infections. Also in our skin tissue, sulfur is responsible for keeping it pure, fighting against external agents: bacteria, fungus and many others that might attack our skin and creating infections. For this antibacterial ability, sulfur is largely used in purifying lotions and in all the products that contribute to heal infections and inflammations.


Phosphorus is an essential mineral in our body since it is responsible for several chemical reactions both in individual cells and, in general, in the metabolism. It contributes to the creation of new cells and it is therefore essential for the skin. Thanks to phosphorus damaged cells repair themselves.

Together with these main components, other minerals are found in the Dead Sea water and mud like iodine, crucial for metabolism; bromine a mineral with lenitive power whose concentration is exceptional in the Dead Sea; lithium and boron, particularly effective in the treatment of psoriasis and strontium a powerful tool against inflammation and irritation.