Health and Beauty: Leader in Dead Sea Minerals Manufacturing

H&B (Health and Beauty) is one of the most popular brands all over the world, operating in the field of natural cosmetics and body care. Known for its professionalism and for the quality of its items, its wide range of products based on Dead Sea Minerals is considered one of the most competitive in the field.

Their products

H&B Dead Sea Minerals products are over 200. The continuous research and testing allow them to constantly expand their range of products in order to meet the growing specific needs of all kind of consumer. They already have specific lines for women, men, kids and sensitive skins, both for the daily care and for specific medical conditions.  

Their lines address specifically:

- Facial Skin Care (creams, masks and cleansers)

- Body Care (multi use cream and soap for everyday care, hand and foot creams and antiaging-Spa)

- Hair Care (masks and specific treatments)

- Men care (shaving related products, personal care and lotions)

- Sun Care (SPF)

- Health Care (bath salts, muds, specific soaps and butters)

All their products have Dead Sea minerals as main active components. Some of them are enriched with vitamins and vegetal extracts, especially of those plants that live in the Dead Sea microclimate. This allows addressing particular conditions more effectively and with a holistic approach.


Why we are proud to offer Health and Beauty Dead Sea Mineral Products

In H&B products we find the same values that lead our activity: the love for the Dead Sea and its wondrous power of donating pearls of wellness and beauty and a strong ethic approach to business.

With its motto “quality above all”, H&B is certified ISO and GMP. This means that its products are manufactured according to the main and strictest production regulations internationally recognized. The certification of a product is the strongest guarantee for a consumer, who can rely on the professional approval of experts committees.

All the products H&B are certified by the national Ministry of Health and in every H&B line you can find dermatologically tested products. This ensures the maximum safety and usability also for consumers with specific health problems (dermatological conditions etc.).

Coherently with its respect and admiration for the natural wonders of the Dead Sea, H&B does not test any of its products on animals. On the contrary, Health & Beauty promotes an intense research and development activity to ensure that manufacturing processes will be completely green and with the minimum impact on environment.

The union of these strong working values together with a top notch product and very reasonable prices, make of H&B a true leader in the market.