Besides being the mirror of our wellbeing, nails are one of our “natural accessories”. Like hair, they are a living part of our body, a thin layer of keratin that keeps growing for all our life. Like hair, they were originally supposed to protect our body from friction and external agents. Nowadays, thanks to our more refined way or life, they became a more ornamental part, but not for this less important.

Bad looking fingernails are something you cannot miss when looking at somebody. Nails carelessness immediately gives you the feeling that something is wrong with the person. Bad looking fingernails can also be the symptom of a health disease. This is why we all desire our nails to be neat and beautiful. But what the most important steps are with which we can make sure that our nails are beautiful and healthy? Here some tips for your nails to be always strong and wonderful.


  1. Clean is beautiful

This is a very basic tip, but an important one. You cannot have beautiful nails if you do not keep them clean. Wash your hands regularly with a delicate soap (Dead Sea Cosmetic soaps ensure a deep cleansing, together with a constant hydration of your skin and nails) and always dry them after washing them. Keep your nails relatively short so that they will be less inclined to suffer traumas (like bumping into something or getting stuck).


  1. Food for your nails

As we said, your nails are alive and for this reason they must feed. Since they feed through you, you should always have a balanced diet if you want them to look good and healthy. Observe your fingernails very carefully and if you notice some kind of problem, you might want to investigate what your diet lacks of. For example, are your nails splitting? You are probably lacking calcium.


  1. Be gentle with your nails

A tiny layer of keratin can pass through a lot but why you want to push you nails’ limits so much? Avoid aggressive nail polishes or, worse, acetone remover. Quality products might cost you a bit more but think of the money you will have to spend repairing your nails if they get damaged! Besides that, your nails have pores and aggressive chemicals might partially be absorbed by your body through them. Avoid also to bite them (see the tip above and remember: you need to feed them, not the contrary!) and to use them as tools (it is true that it is, partially, their original function but we do not live like monkeys anymore and you do not want to have the same nails of a monkey!).


  1. When the cold damages your cuticles

During the cold winter it is so difficult to keep good-looking fingernails! Aloe Vera extract is one of the best natural remedies to this problem. Its healing powers are known since ancient times (Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality”) and its rich mix of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, and other nutritive, is unbeatable for hydrating and regenerating skin tissues. Aloe Vera is one of the natural elements that are often combined with the Dead Sea Minerals in our products. This plant, in fact grows florid in Israel, thanks to its dry and hot weather (that characterizes also the climatic area of the Dead Sea). This mix between sea minerals and plant minerals creates incredibly effective healing creams.


  1. Prepare a bath for brittle nails

One of the main causes of brittle nails is lack of hydration. An incredible tool to prevent and to solve this problem is to immerse your nails in a solution of salt and water. You can prepare the perfect manicure solution with one liter of water and four tablespoon of salt. After it is ready, bath your nails for about 15 minutes. After the treatment, do not forget to dry your hands.

The quality of the salt is crucial and if you want to reach the optimal result you should pick the best salt. Dead Sea Salt ensures you a much higher concentration of healthy substances and allows you to solve the problem faster and more effectively.


  1. Prepare a bath for yellow nails

Aren’t yellow nails annoying? It is probably the result of you using an aggressive nail polish. A valid solution to the problem can be a chamomile and lemon treatment. You can prepare it at home brewing for 20 minutes 4 tablespoons of dry chamomile in 2 cups of water. Meanwhile you wait for the mixture to be ready you should rub your fingernails with lemon, paying attention not to irritate possible micro wounds. When the mixture is ready, you should immerse your nails for 20 minutes. Repeat the treatment up to 3 times a week for a couple of weeks. If it does not help, consult a dermatologist because you might actually have a fungus.