Our skin is like a dress that we wear all life long and often the mirror of our state of health. The first impression that people have of us largely depends on how our skin looks and mostly it shows our body and soul wellness with its color tone, smoothness and beauty.

For these reasons, a beautiful skin is a common desire. We would all like our skin to remain beautiful, soft and pure like that of a kid. Sometimes, however, our lifestyle and our body care daily gestures seem to contradict our desire. Are you fully aware of the fact that some of your daily behaviors accelerate your skin’s aging process and favor problems and sicknesses? Do you know that following few easy rules the state of your skin can visibly improve?

Here are some of them:

  1. Protect yourself from the sun

Will this thing be ever repeated too much? No! We know: tanning is great and a nice bronze color is beautiful, sexy and adds grace to your entire look. Said that, the sun nowadays is more dangerous than ever in the past and a lifetime (or even repeated episodes) of intense and direct sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems (among which skin cancer). There is no joke or exaggeration in this: you expose yourself to the sun in a non-cautious way, you will have some of these problems. It is simple (and terrible) as that. For this reason, you should always act wisely when exposing yourself to sun rays:

  •       Use sunscreen. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15 (this depends on the tone of your skin and on the place where you live) multiple times during the day, even in cloudy days and even if you are not planning a tanning session. Remember that you absorb UVA and UVB rays even if you are not intentionally exposed to the sun. The sun is there, always, for good and for bad. The Dead Sea Cosmetic Products offer a complete line of Sunscreen and sun protection products that will fit your protective needs perfectly while giving you extra hydration and elasticity, thanks to the healthy mixture of minerals.
  •       Be smart about timing and clothing. Sun is stronger during certain hours of the day. Why then risking it all? Avoid any intentional exposure to the sun between 11 am and 4pm and try not to be exposed at all, if possible. Apply a more intense sunscreen in case you have to go outside and repeat the application every 2 hours or less. Always wear protective clothes (we know, it's hot... but hot is better than burnt!), preferably made of natural fabric to favor transpiration. Hat is a must: not only it protects you from heat strokes but it avoids scalp burns (a painful, unaesthetic and very painful problem).
  •       Special conditions. Protection from harmful sun rays is a daily habit and requires a daily care. However, there are some special conditions in which your body is more vulnerable that require an extra effort.

If you are under some specific medication you should pay attention to possible collateral effects. While some kind of medicines are well known to be not compatible with sun exposure (antibiotics, antihistamines, acne medications, chemotherapy drugs etc.) other are not considered a problem by most, while they should be. Always ask your doctor about the compatibility of any medication you take with sun exposure.

Also your location or the activity you are doing might expose you to extra risk. Apply stronger sunscreen if you are at the sea, at the pool or close to a water stream. Sun reflects on water and its power becomes way more aggressive. If you are swimming or sweating a lot, consider a stronger sunscreen and apply it more often than you normally do: water or any other liquid might wash the cream away and you might find yourself without protection again!


  1. Stop Smoking!

Smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the superficial layers of skin, which decreases blood flow. As a consequence, the skin loses oxygen and nutrients that are important to its health.

Smoking also damages collagen and elastin, diminishing your skin’s strength and elasticity. If you think of quitting, Dead Sea products might be of great help: the Salt is great to relax you (nicotine withdrawal symptoms can make you nervous) and it absorbs toxins and poisonous substances that are left in your organism. Moreover, some facial and body care products can help you starting fresh also with your look: after a gentle scrub that will remove the dead skin, an effective regenerative treatment might help your skin to reacquire elasticity and tone


  1. Be kind to your skin

As we like to say, skin is our most precious dress and the one we will be wearing all our lives. Why not treating it with the same care and kindness that we reserve to our best and most expensive clothes?

Clean your skin gently. Keeping your skin clean and neat is undoubtedly a good habit. However if you would never wash silk clothes with an aggressive soap or in boiling water because you are afraid that it would lose its softness and its unique characteristics, why shouldn’t you have the same concerns for your skin? Avoid taking boiling showers or to remain in very hot water for a long time. A warm nice shower or bath is healthier for your skin tissue and it has the same cleansing power. Moreover, choose a mild soap and not an aggressive one. Dead Sea Products for example are created to clean the impurities while respecting the natural pH while providing the skin with the substances that it needs.

Mind your skin’s uniqueness. When taking care of a precious fabric, we are very careful about the type of detergent that we need. Specific products and specific cleaning process are meticulously chosen for different fabrics, different colors etc. The same attention should be put in choosing the products for your skin. Read carefully about the components of each product before considering buying one. You are responsible for your own body and you must be informed about the substances that enter your organism through your skin. Dead Sea Cosmetic Products are accompanied by an extensive explanation about the properties of the components and by the indications of use. Moreover, our customer service is professionally qualified to answer all your questions and advise you on the right products for your skin.

Avoid traumas. As you certainly do with your most precious things, you should avoid any traumatic experience for your skin that might cause it to be lacerated, scratched or worn out in any way. One of the most traumatic experiences for your skin is shaving. Be it with a razor, wax or an electronic machine, while you shave your skin tissue is pulled, pinched and scratched. For this reason, is crucial that you adequately pamper your skin preparing it before shaving and relieving it from inflammation and micro damages once you finish. Among the wide selection of products that we offer, an entire line is dedicated to men’s care (and it includes many pre and after shave products). To women, instead, we offer specific softening and regenerating products that are the ideal for this kind of activity.


  1. Nurture yourself and your skin

If you have ever substantially altered your nutrition for a short-medium period (even for one day) you might know that not eating and drinking enough (or at all) can create in few hours a feeling of deep discomfort, almost desperation in some cases and an immediate decrease in the ability to focus, in relational capacity and, of course strength.  Not eating and drinking at all or consuming unhealthy food and beverages deeply weaken our bodies and, even if the effect is temporary (most of the time the condition is reversible), the recovery can be tricky sometimes (especially if the unhealthy phase is long) and it leaves us with a bad feeling and, certain, a bad memory.

The same happens to the skin. Besides being one of the first parts of our body showing signs of suffering from a wrong or an insufficient nutrition, the skin demands itself to be nurtured in an appropriate way. In order to give your skin the substances that it needs, you need to follow diligently a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables as well as in water and natural beverages (with no sugar or any other sweetener). Moreover you should always keep your skin hydrated with lotions and creams in a way that it receives healthy substances both from inside the organism as well as from outside.