Imagine a far and fascinating land, where the colors of the desert mix suddenly with the green of an oasis. The ground is deeply orange and red, huge stones shape silent mountains. The sun is the king and all the colors of the nature around pay an eternal tribute to it. This scenario harmonizes with green oasis, with palms and beautiful vegetation. The protagonist of this breath-taking scenario is the big salty lake that lays there dense, pacific and miraculous. Millions of people from all over the world, pilgrims seeking health and eternal beauty, come to visit this placid ancient sanctuary of wellness and to benefit from its power.

This story is real. This is the story of the Dead Sea. Since the ancient times, people used the minerals present in its mud and in its water to make medicaments and mostly cosmetic products. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen whose beauty and ambition are remembered till today, was an eager consumer of cosmetic products made out of Dead Sea minerals. Romans and later civilizations made great use of Dead Sea muds and water for cosmetic purposes.

Nowadays, in the era of technology and progress, the Dead Sea continues, with its "millennial experience", to offer unequalled ingredients for the best cosmetic products.

The Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop offers a vast selection of the best cosmetic products that this spring of beauty and health, the Dead Sea, has to offer. The brands are chosen with care and the highest quality standard is constantly supervised in a way to bring on the market only the top options that natural cosmetics offer.

The Dead Sea Cosmetic products are divided in six categories (some of them overlap because of their multiple uses):


Face products

Face products are among the most pure as of composition. Even though, as mentioned, all the products need to fit very high quality standards, face products are given particular attention. The best and purest Dead Sea minerals are found in face creams, cleansing formulas and many other products that improve the look of your face skin as well as its state of health. Dunaliella Seaweed, one of the only forms of life able to survive in such an extreme natural habitat, is one of the main components of Dead Sea face products. During its life, the Dunaliella absorbs in huge quantities and nurtures of the prodigious substances that the Dead Sea is rich of. The Dunaliella, which is used in face care products, supplies these special substances, and has a healing and anti-aging effect on your face skin. It purifies it from free radicals and favors cellular regeneration. Its strong action is usually corroborated and amplified by the mix with omega 3, 6 and 9 whose regenerative abilities are well known.

A complete line of face care products is obtained from Dead Sea derived substances. In fact, beside the positive effect of the Dunaliella, a whole facial cleansing line of products is created from "stronger" minerals extracted from the water and the mud of the Dead Sea like magnesium, calcium, bromide, zinc, iron, sulphur and strontium.


Body and Spa

Our ancestors taught us that "mens sana in corpore sano" (a healthy mind in a healthy body) and showed us a very unique (and pleasant) way to take care of our bodies and souls: spas. Thermal water and muds have been one of the main entertainment sources and healing activities since the night of times.

The Dead Sea Cosmetic Products for body care offer an improved version of the genius discovery of thermal water and muds.

Pure mud, collected from those points in the shore with the strongest concentration of minerals, is available to reproduce the most authentic experience of a thermal session on the coast of this wondrous gift of nature. With its 26 minerals, among which Magnesium, Potassium, Chlorides, Zinc Lithium, Chromium, Iron, Iodine and Barium, the mud cleanses in depth, relieves from pain and treats most of the common skin problems.

Dead Sea Foot Creams, soaps and body lotions are created from the mud and the extract of those minerals that the sea provides so generously. Precious minerals as iron, calcium, strontium and others are the best way to hydrate, protect, reinvigorate and regenerate all the parts of your body either daily or in particular situations.

The unique natural power of the minerals is amplified by vitamins extra injections as well as herbal mixtures that, thanks to their scent, contribute to the healing action and to specific neurological stimulation. The obtained mixture, result of a comprehensive research in the field of cosmetic, dermatology and neuroscience, reaches the optimum in effectiveness acting both on the body and on the soul.


Man Care

After the two main categories it is worth to mention a very specific line that includes products both for face and body care: man care products. Dead Sea Man Care products conjugate both the undeniable need of protection and hydration that every man has and the general preference of the "stronger sex" for natural products and rough esthetics.


Hair products

The wondrous effects of Dead Sea Minerals and mud are visible on the hair too. Besides a strong cleansing power that in this case can be of great help for a deep scalp cleaning, we should not forget that the Dead Sea water is exceptionally rich in Manganese, whose utility resides in incrementing capillary blood circulation. As a result, the scalp is deeply re-oxygenated and nourished. Using hair products that are derived from Dead Sea Minerals means boosting healthy hair growth and regrowth, and protecting the scalp from greasiness and potentially dangerous and unpleasant conditions.  


Health products

An inseparable unity of beauty and wellness is at the basis of the whole lines. Indeed, a particular category of Dead Sea products is that related to health care. The miraculous effects of the minerals, visible in terms of external appearance, are the consequence of a much deeper effect: a general improvement of health condition that includes the healing of certain illnesses. Psoriasis and other skin problems (especially of inflammatory origin) are effectively fought against by the natural elements that compose soaps and other specific Dead Sea products. The skin tissues are healed and regenerated by a careful mix of minerals (among which benzoin, for example) and other natural elements, mostly coming from herbs and plants.


Sun care

The last special line of Dead Sea Cosmetic Product is represented by sun care products. The natural elements, in this case, are wisely mixed to guarantee an effective sunscreen effect, protecting the skin from damages and aging due to the UV rays. Moreover, they ensure hydration during and after the exposition to the sun. In the same line, interesting unguents are offered to enhance the beauty of a tanned bronzed body, another wonderful tribute to the magnificent sun that is king on the shores of the Dead Sea.