Have you ever thought of eating a piece of plastic or drinking a bottle of gasoline? No? Why? If you would never ingest something that is not natural why you should let it in your organism trough your skin? Nowadays, a vivid public debate recognizes the importance of natural and healthy food and generally condemns junk food and industrially processed products. However, only a small amount of people questions the massive use of chemical beauty and body care products like soaps, detergents, creams and makeup.

This is not about being picky. This is about health. Your skin is the most exposed part of your body and your primary immune defense barrier. You can cause serious damage poisoning it with unhealthy substances that can show their negative effect in the short as well as in the long time.

For this reason, you should always be careful when choosing your beauty and body care products. Or do you want your skin to become the victim of a chemical assault or, worse, the vehicle of poisoning to your organism?

Chemical Beauty Products: the Lack of Ethics Generates Monsters

Chemical beauty products are the sad result of an industry that lost its ethics and follows production processes that allow the creation of cheap products (and often only cheap to produce, not to buy) in massive quantities and in relatively short time. These products, that as said can be very expensive for your to buy and can be labelled under the name of popular brands, can give some kind of results in the short term but what you see is really not what you get. In the medium-long term the damages produced on your body (often provoked by the continuous use of these products) can be catastrophic: inflammations, intoxications, allergies and even chronic diseases. Nausea, menstrual disorders, anemia, weakness can all be results of what you put on your skin. Some of the chemicals used in the most common beauty products are even proved to be carcinogenic.

Organic Beauty Products: Choose to be Healthy and Beautiful

Organic beauty products are a radical solution to this serious problem. Granted that there is no miracle that nature can do on our aging process and on the way we look, nature provides us with lots of substances that make our body stronger, more beautiful and that heal it in case of a problem.

It is possible (and it was done in the past) to create beauty products from natural, organic substances. Those brands that put ethics at the same level of profit (profit, we should not forget, is a legitimate aspiration for a company) show us clearly that good healthy organic products can be created, returning to the origins of cosmetics and using the original organic substances that savage industrialization has forgotten.

Using organic beauty and body care products you will get rid of a significant amount of toxic substances that daily enters your body. Your general health status will absolutely improve. This is not only a gift do to your body in the present, but an investment that you do for your future, since you will avoid more serious problems that might be caused by the accumulation of toxins and poison in your blood stream, brain and other organs.

Passing from Chemical to Organic Products

If you have read carefully what’s written above, there is no way that you do not want to pass from chemical to organic beauty products. It will not be difficult: just be patient, keep learning and be ready to spend much longer time to read labels.

First of all, you should investigate about a brand or a multi-brand seller who only offers organic beauty products. This passage is crucial and will mark your path toward your “organic revolution”. Our shop, for example, only deals with certified Dead Sea products that, by definition, are composed only by organic substances. Being in the business for years, we engaged our personal “battle against chemicals” and in favor of absolute quality. For this, reason we only feature the best Dead Sea products, locally produced and very far from the monstrous industrial cosmetic machine.

The second step is to start the change from the products that you use the most: soaps, shampoos, body creams and whatever you put daily on your skin. If you think that it might be expensive, think how much a visit to a specialist would cost you if you develop asthma or psoriasis. Does it seem a reasonable price now?

The third step is to finally start using your organic beauty products: use your new products regularly, drink a lot and try to sweat as much as you can with some physical activity or a sauna. Your body is now expelling all the toxins and sweating is way to accelerate the process of detox. In about a month, you will be finally clean and your life will be changed forever.

That’s How Your Life will Change

Those who pass to organic beauty products, usually notice a dramatic improvement in their skin health (especially if they have a specific problem). Even if, with the chemical products, the symptoms has disappeared for a short time, the use of organic products solves (partially or totally) the problem at the root. Not only the symptoms will disappear, but the level of healing is deeper and this will be felt clearly. The higher quality of the ingredients proves its validity in a very short time and your skin will never feel the same again.

Another change you might experience concerns smell: a big amount of synthetic fragrances are used in chemical products. All your life you have been taught that this is the way things should smell but for sure, at least once while smelling something, you have felt your nose so full of smell that you sneezed. This is not normal and it is not a good sign. Nature offers us wonderful fragrances (think of spices, or flowers) that never hurt or disturb our olfactory receptors.

Organic products contains only natural fragrances (or no fragrance at all, this is up to you!) and, when you start using them, your perception of smells will change gradually and completely. You will be able to appreciate more delicate smells and you will never have the feeling that your new cream smells really strong.