So you've decided to go for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, or spa treatments  at the salt sea why not combine a visit to the amazing attractions in the area.

Those who love to explore nature, between the mountains and the rocks and enjoy the desert can choose between Jeep tours that will take you to unusual places with landscapes, places where nature is dominant. And of course you can walk exciting routes, growing and living life in the lowest place in the world.

Ein Gedi-you can see the botanical gardens and the Petting Zoo. This is the only Botanical Garden in the world in which people live, where each garden space covers around. You can walk among thousands of varieties of plants and trees, birds and butterflies and meet will arrive to visit the reserve.  Petting Zoo she sleeps, and giant tortoises, crocodiles, Mayan,.

Masada - High on a cliff side from which it is possible to observe all the area, on the dead sea, red mountains and mountains of the Judean desert. Better to go to the mountain cable car and explore the ruins in portraying Masada during Herod the King, and during the great revolt, don't miss the audiovisual show describing the emotion and heroism of rebellion. Back off for the snake, ttnhalo to etechm and enjoy the wonderful apparent.

Kefar hanokdim - The village is dotted between Arad to Masada in the Judean desert. From the village you can go for a camel and donkeys several variable-length tracks, 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

If you like art and galleries, many artists living in kibbutzim and moshavim nearby display their works in galleries. In Arad, the nearest town, you can visit several museums followed by sitting in a café, restaurant or even take a stroll at the Mall.

No doubt the main attraction is the dead sea. The strong sun, the salt-rich water, mineral-rich mud contribute to everyone's health. Should not suffer from the disease and rejuvenate at the shores of the dead sea. There are beaches that offer unique dead sea spa treatments, offering pools have minerals or freshwater pools, smell the mud, chairs, umbrellas, lawn areas, gift shops, restaurants and more.

Dead Sea tourists come to the area all year round. The sun shines almost every day, even in autumn and winter and the weather is always nice. If you are looking for a complete disconnect from routine and relaxing and enchanting Sea awaits you!