Dead Sea salt is one of the most popular Dead Sea products in the world. In many supermarkets, cosmetic stands or natural products stores tons of products are reported to contain this element (please be careful when buying one of them. Buy only in highly professional and trusted shops, like ours, because many non-authentic and totally ineffective products are sold, even for high prices). You surely have seen them and maybe you’ve even bought some Dead Sea Salt. But do you really know how to use it to get the most advantage out of it?

This kind of salt comes from the Dead Sea, whose waters are well known since ancient times because of their beneficial properties. There is a general consensus in the scientific community about its beneficial role in a number of cases.  


Dead Sea Salt and Cellulitis

Dead Salt is one of the most effective agents against cellulitis, a very popular dysfunction that regards especially women between the age of 20 to the age of 45. Besides the esthetical repercussions of this problem, cellulitis cause also a sense of physical unease, swelling and, in some cases, pain.

Dead Sea Salt, with its exceptional concentration of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, and sulfur has a purifying and detoxifying action on the metabolism. A Dead Sea Salt treatment (and its regular use) can significantly contribute in expelling toxins and excess fluid, reducing, as a consequence, cellulitis. The same effect can be obtained on tired ankles and legs, since its detox ability is strong and immediate.


Scrub it away!

Besides fighting against cellulite, Dead Sea Salt increases elasticity to your skin, as much as it is constantly used. Scrubs derived from the Dead Sea Salt are among the most effective in thoroughly removing dead layers of skin and helping the regeneration as well as microcirculation. These are in fact the main causes of cellulitis and other skin imperfections. After a thorough scrub with Dead Sea Salt, the skin is smoother, has better color and a much healthier and younger look!


Dead Sea Salt and muscle / articular pain

Another fundamental use of the Dead Sea is to release muscles and articulations from pain. No matter if you have chronic diseases or you suffer for temporary conditions traumas: the special minerals warmth (and buoyancy, if you have the opportunity to take the Salt treatment in the Dead Sea itself) reduce the release of prostaglandins – a substance that is present in some of our bodies' fluids and tissues and that can favor the insurgence of painful inflammatory states.